Bali India Foundation


Dr. Made Yasa

Director of Bali India Foundation
Dr. Somvir

Founder of Bali India Foundation



The magical island of Bali derives its name from Subali related to the epic Ramayana, confirming centuries old historical relations between Bali and India.

Rabindranath Tagore visited Bali in 1927 and said “Wherever I go on the island, I see God”. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru called Bali “Morning of the World”. Atal Bihari Vajpayee on his arrival in Bali said, “My Childhood dream has come true”.

It is believed that more than two thousand years ago the then king of Kalingga from Orissa, India sent around twenty thousand people from different walks of life including religious, cultural and political expert to Java and Bali. This was to establish new social and political orders for the first time in the archipelago. The then King of Magadha from bihar India also sent his people to eastern part of Indonesia particularly the Flores and Sumbawa island.

The Tenganan village in Bali up to date shows the same blood group as that the Orissa people. They call themselves different from the locals. The people of Orissa to this date annually celebrate Bali Yatra (Festival of Kartik Purnima) remembering their ancestor who used to travel to Bali.


Human beings and culture are inseparable. In the country where culture and art are highly regarded preserved, its people live in harmony and prosperity.

With this very belief prominent people of Bali and India have established Bali – India foundation in order to promote or sustain indigenous culture and art are already existing within societies of Bali and India. It’s mission to introduce the richness of the two ancient cultures and bring the people of Bali and India closer.

The Bali – India Foundation provides an auspicious atmosphere and space for learning and practicing language, music, art, culture and yoga. The learning process and other activities held in Bali – India Foundation emphasize the people to contact.